4 Reasons to Book a Trip to Oklahoma City ASAP

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is a large city with a down-home country feel. Even though the flavor of the city is not strictly Southern, you’ll still feel that warm hospitality. It’s a new up-and-coming destination for myriad reasons, but the biggest being that Oklahoma City is coming into its own. If you’re not yet convinced that you should visit, consider the following four areas the city has to offer.

Downtown Oklahoma City Is an Entertainment Haven

Within the last two or three decades, downtown Oklahoma City has enjoyed a renaissance. The area is being revitalized to become a new entertainment scene. Now known more affectionately as Bricktown, it’s home to a variety of bars and restaurants, clubs and pubs, and the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, the kingdom of the Oklahoma Dodgers — new name, y’all, same great team.

Given that the Oklahoma River, as it’s known within city lines, cuts through the heart of the downtown, you can have your fun by the waterside.

The Boathouse District Offers an Olympic Training Site to Witness

The Oklahoma River is a training site for both Olympic and Paralympic athletes, but this part of the city goes by the name Boathouse District. This naming happened following the decision to rename the portion of the river that slices through Oklahoma City the Oklahoma River. With the new moniker, highly skilled athletes have arrived in droves to train in water sports such as kayaking, rowing, and canoeing.

Olympic training is not all the Boathouse District has to offer. Several boathouses display to-die-for architecture, a zipline, dragonboating, paddle boarding, and kayaking. You can also visit the Sandridge Sky Trail, which features a magnificent six-story course to satisfy your need for adventure. Since the district is only minutes from Bricktown, you can search for Oklahoma City hotels with Hotel Planner and center your vacation accommodations where the activity happens.

You Can Climb a Grain Silo

As you may have guessed, Oklahoma City residents love activity and adventure. They’re happy to use whatever they have to hand, too. For example, even though they don’t have steep rock faces, they still do some climbing. The only difference is that climbing is more like silo climbing in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma City may be the only place in the country where you can climb inside of an old grain silo. How else can you tower above the sprawling plains?

Get Your Kicks on Route 66

Are you road tripping along the famed Route 66? Get ready for Oklahoma, which features the longest stretch of the road out of any other state. Naturally, you can find an abundance of Route 66 attractions in Oklahoma City, including the Blue Note Lounge. You’ll find it on 23rd Street and North Robinson Avenue, and you’ll want to stop by because the drinks are strong, the music is soulful, and a game of pool is always happening. The city is home to many other attractions, but you’ll have to explore those on your own.

Oklahoma City is on the verge of transformation. The revitalization of many districts is attractive not only to visitors, but also to transplants from other states. Are you ready to experience what Oklahoma City has to offer you?